Monday, July 14, 2014

Days 3 + 4

Still haven't been able to camp. Today I tried for two hours to find a good place but this provence is still too crowded. So I ended up in a another hotel. I've finished my first 1000KM today!! Only 13 more to go. 

Yesterday, day three, was a short day and it rained almost the whole time. I said goodbye to my friend in Juijiang and took the expessway to Wuhan. There I met up with my friend and stayed in a hostel. In the hostel bar I met a guy who paid $2000 to volunteer to teach English in China which seemed a bit like a scam to me. He worked at a rich school and was told that it is very difficult to get a working visa. 

The Next day, yesterday, was quite boring. Cloudy all day and the land was flat. The motorcycle is holding up quite nicely. No Issues besides a missing screw and bolt. 

Today and tomorrow should be more interesting. Today I'll go back into the mountains and I'll stay off the expressways whenever I can from here on out. The next day I'll spend a couple nights in Xi'an. 


  1. Hey man! Good stuff and its only gonna get better once you in the wild ;) Ive done a 15000km trip around China and it was awesome. Im well jealous right now cos I have to sit on my ass and work.
    I know you are on the road now and dont have much time but Id appreciate if you wrote a post here about all the legal stuff with your bike. I mean, how will you cross borders with your bike? what papers did you need and where to get? it and that sort of thing. Like a guide if you will. Im sure a lot of people would appreciate this.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Thats a good idea. I was planning on doing something like that but I had lost the motivation in the months before I left. I also kinda want to see if my preparations will be enough before I go encouraging others to be as lax as I have been... I had pretty limited options in China. I can say that none of the countries I'll be going through require a carnet. Anyway, I'll make a page for that kind of stuff soon.

    1. Thanks man! Ill be following your blog and will wait for all the info. I might do a similar trip but later on so it would be nice to hear about someones experience.
      Ride safe!